Ongoing update of what I am up to now.

March 7th, 2023

  • I hit one year mark at WeaveGrid.

April 1st, 2023


  • In January, I embraced a new challenge at WeaveGrid to work on climate and energy. Without any previous experience in this field, every day has been quite a journey. I’ve delved into the intricacies of utilities, automakers, and electric vehicles (EVs), exploring innovative strategies to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.


  • The 2022 holidays were spent in Seoul, marking a reunion with family and attending three weddings. This trip was filled with some highlights: reuniting with relatives I hadn’t seen since leaving Korea, experiencing Korean makeup at my brother’s wedding, enjoying PSY’s overnight all-standing concert, and skiing in Yongpyong—where the mountain food was unparalleled.
  • A subsequent trip in late March took me back to Seoul and to Kyoto, where I was captivated by the romantic vistas of cherry blossoms blooming across both Korea and Japan.
  • I skipped getting a ski season pass for the first time in six years to make time to do other stuff. The missing ski leg hit me hard at the WeaveGrid ski trip as everyone on the trip was both fantastic and intense skiers. The level of ski talent at this company is higher than anywhere I have seen.

Side Projects

  • Although starting a new job has taken up most of my time, I’ve managed to showcase my sets at three different venues: The Foundry, Le Petit Paris, and a Burning Man camp fundraiser. With other crews playing the genre of melodic house and techno, I try to blend in a more funky and soulful sound and even some remix of top 40 songs to add some variety. You can listen to my sets on SoundCloud.

October 5th, 2022


  • I left Airbnb in February and have been taking a break from work.


  • March: A road trip to ski in the Rocky Mountains - Jackson Hole, Big Sky, and Aspen.

  • April: Visited the eastern part of Canada, Toronto, and Montreal.
  • May - June: Walked the entire Camino Frances of Camino de Santiago.
  • May - July: Also visited the UK, Morocco, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, and Portugal as part of the three-month backpacking trip.
  • August - September: South Korea to attend two weddings and visit family and friends.

Side projects

  • I have been working on this website, adding new features, and writing essays.
  • I performed as a DJ at two events and will play another for Halloween.
  • I have been learning more deeply about climate change and read a bunch of books ([1], [2], [3],[4]), and became a listener to My Climate Journey podcast.
  • I participated in a 20-mile swim challenge in August.
  • I moved my wiki to Notion and sold many belongings after returning from the backpacking trip.

January 17th, 2022


  • I work at Airbnb, building a feature store for machine learning, Zipline. I have been primarily working on building the streaming layer of the system and improving the feature serving latency.
  • I rebooted this blog. I haven’t decided on my pace yet, but I aim to get steady writing posts.


  • I now live in Berkeley, California.
  • I traveled quite a bit in 2020 and spent about a month in Seoul and New York. I plan to travel quite a bit in 2022 as I firmly believe the situation with COVID-19 will become more stable this year.


  • This year, my goal is to build a pathway toward retirement and develop a career narrative for the next twenty years. In addition, I would like to create a long-term plan to be at the peak of my career 20 years later and retire with good health and a financial cushion.
  • I started Pilates in October, which has been my go-to exercise. As a result, I have benefited immensely from my core strength, balance, and posture. This year, I aim to complete my first triathlon and do ten consecutive pull-ups.
  • This is the first year I set up a goal of reading 50 books, and I am at two now.